Ilkley coffee shop and bakery lead the way in the war on single use plastics

Two environmentally aware businesses in Ilkley have made the switch from single use plastic products to eco-friendly alternatives. Both Moin Moin Backerei and The Commute Café in Ilkley are delighted to announce that they’ve continued their switch from single use plastic products by opting for eco-friendly alternatives supplied by Yorkshire based firm Single Use Alternatives. … Read more

Ten reasons why we believe compostables are better than single use plastics

It may come as no surprise that our opinion of single use plastics is, well, pretty low. Besides consuming Earth’s extremely limited resources to produce, they take thousands of years to break down and they poison our planet whether they’re incinerated, thrown into landfill or dumped on the land. Modern society is currently completely reliant … Read more

Waste management: joining the dots for a sustainable future

Packaging Innovations 2019 I’ve been privileged to visit many trade shows in my career and packaging innovations 2019 was no different. Noting the climate emergency, ever present in today’s media, this was disappointing (but I can now understand why). Sian Sutherland of ‘A Plastic Planet’ has successfully delivered a plasticfreeland™ area, with some exciting brands … Read more

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