Can sustainable takeaway packaging offer your business a different path?

In these uncertain times, many business owners are rightfully concerned about the impact that COVID19 is going to inflict on them and their staff.

Many of us are looking for a contingency plan to weather this open ended storm. Though for some companies, this could offer an opportunity to flourish and make a genuine difference to people.

Takeaway businesses are readying themselves for what could be very busy periods. With more and more people self isolating or even socially distancing themselves, a Friday night takeaway may replace a trip to the cinema or a few casual drinks.

With a potential increase in the amount of disposable packaging making their way into our wheelie bins, we’re offering takeaways a way to temper that impact with our range of compostable takeaway boxes. 

If you’re a restaurant, bistro or pub whose business depends on footfall and people eating at your tables, you may already be thinking about offering your usual menu or a pared down version for takeaway customers. We’ve spoken to businesses already considering this as a viable option to maintain cash flow in the weeks ahead, and have to say – it sounds like a promising idea. 

If you are, technology is on your side. With an abundance of web-based delivery partnerships out there – such as DoorDash, Ubereats and Deliveroo – just to name three, as other services are available.

Our range of environmentally friendly takeaway packaging provides restaurateurs and takeaway establishments alike with affordable, viable alternatives to standard plastic packaging. Our range of eco takeaway boxes come in a variety of sizes, with multiple compartments for different elements of your hot meals. We stock from burger and noodle boxes, through to our range of eco-friendly trays and selection of pizza boxes.

For soups, broths and stews – our takeaway soup container & lids range in size from 8oz to 32oz, as do our deli pots and salad containers. Sandwich packaging and trays are also available in multiple sizes, as well as takeaway bags. We also offer napkins, towels, compostable gloves and waste bags.

If we can help support you, we will. Single Use Alternatives is all about making this easy.

There’s no minimum order value or quantity. You have the flexibility of buying as little or as much as you want, benefiting from us buying in bulk, but not having to store it yourselves. Convenient, trackable delivery to your door, at competitive rates (from £2.49). Save yourself time on an unnecessary trip to the wholesaler AND – we promise NO price hikes because of COVID19. 

Together we can get through this. We hope you, your business & customers remain healthy.

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