Compostable bin bags – Generous 90 Litre capacity – Roll of 20

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Compostable bin bags for your food waste

Heavy duty, liftable bin bag

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Fully compostable! Seriously better for the planet than plastic! Can be put in your food waste collection, where offered

Certified EN13432 Compostable for Industrial Composting, eg council collections, this product will also compost safely at home, albeit more slowly. Composting is an aerobic reaction, the Carbon and Hydrogen combine slowly with Oxygen forming some CO2 and water, leaving behind biomass, in much the same way that a twig or leaf does.

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The Compost Bag Company produces compostable bin bags and films from (partly) renewable materials and markets them all over Europe. The company has an extensive and flexible production machinery and is therefore able to offer many different product types. The Compost Bag Company strives to offer the general public products, which are more sustainable than the available alternatives, both in terms of their origin, production and disposal. Within this framework, the company develops concepts around different application areas, which increasingly focus on maximum convenience and hygiene.


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Compostable Bin Bags
Compostable bin bags – Generous 90 Litre capacity – Roll of 20
From: £3.02 ex. VAT Saving 10%