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Sustainable, multi-purpose takeaway container alternative set to revolutionise the disposable packaging industry

During these unprecedented times, restaurants, delicatessens and coffee shops alike are now finding new ways to provide delivered food to customers. Many businesses are now offering their services as a takeaway option where they might not have been before. This now comes with a new set of challenges.

An aluminium and plastic tray alternative that is ovenable, microwaveable and eco friendly

Existing takeaway containers all have at least one draw-back. Aluminium trays cannot be microwaved and single use plastic containers cannot be used in the oven. Up until now, many alternatives were leaky, flimsy and unreliable. Not forgetting the environmental impact of single use items, the uncertainty of if they could - or would - be properly recycled and whether they’re compostable or not.

We are now accelerating the development of a real, practical alternative to aluminium and plastic containers that we hope to bring to market very soon.

Developing a new way for takeaways and restaurants to serve their food, sustainably

We are working with our suppliers on a takeaway tray (with integrated lid) that is completely universal. Ours is freezable, microwaveable and oven-proof. It has leak proof corners and a strong enough lid to allow stacking for delivery.

Rectangular and similar in size and cubic volume (700cc) to the ubiquitous aluminium ‘size6a’ tray or polyprop container, this new, unique and innovative takeaway packaging is comparable in price to other compostable takeaway containers at c£32 per 250.

Oh, ours is 100% plastic free and certified to the hilt: EUTR and PEFC sustainably sourced, TUV OK home compostable and if you can't do that - clean it and pop it in your recycling (yes, certified to do that too).

We need your feedback to bring this product to market

As a startup, had set its success on this summers festival season, but we now needed to think differently to survive. So, we want to know your feedback on this sort of innovative product please.

Underpinned by an easy to use, mobile friendly website, with no minimum order quantity or value, buy smaller quantities not 1000's and convenient and trackable next day delivery, direct to your door.

With your valued feedback we would like to move quickly on this product. We have a supply chain and logistics in place and could start shipping orders very soon. If this is something you would be interested in, send us your thoughts at:

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