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Eco Friendly Takeaway Containers

As the Covid crisis took over the country in 2020, very many restaurants and catering establishments took to offering takeaway food, just to keep the business afloat. Whilst the crisis levels off and while some customers are still wary of eating out, the trend for take out food continues, with a recent report showing a 39% increase in take out food in 3 years.

Who we are

Single Use Alternatives was founded by Adrian and Neil; two brothers who are passionate about enjoying the outdoors and caring for the environment. Concerned about the impact single use plastics are having upon the environment, we decided to offer a range of cost effective high quality, alternative products.

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Unfortunately, a lot of these takeaway meals come in plastic packaging, which can take forever to decompose, and which will pollute the planet for generations to come. Here at Single Use Alternatives, we’re helping to turn the tide on the mass use of cheap plastic food containers, by offering equally cheap eco-friendly takeaway containers, made from plants, not plastic.

Our range of eco friendly takeaway container alternatives to plastic

We offer a wide range of plastic free alternatives to single use items, and we believe that they should be easily available to businesses and individual consumers. Our great value products are all oil based plastic-free, and include a wide choice of sustainable compostable and biodegradable food packaging; everything you need to be able to run your catering or events business in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our range includes everything from environmentally friendly cake boxes, deli containers, graze boxes and portion pots to eco friendly soup containers, sandwich containers, takeaway boxes and lids, and leak-proof takeaway trays with lids.

What makes our takeaway food containers eco-friendly?

One of the major problems in society at the moment is the disposable culture. Everything is made to be disposed of, and as many products we simply throw away are cheap (in monetary terms), we don’t mind. But the majority of plastic products we throw away aren’t cheap in environmental terms. Quite the opposite – they’re disposed of at great expense to the environment, and generations of our children will be digging them out of the ground, without them having decomposed.

Some of the clear plastic-like products we sell are made from PLA – a natural product which is made from the starch of crops which are grown for the purpose. The PLA can be moulded and formed just like conventional oil based plastics, but they have the great advantage of being able to be composted. The PLA products will biodegrade in industrial composters, so you can put them in with your food waste for collection (where available) and the products will be broken down and turned into compost, which in turn will be added to soil to enrich it for further crop growth- with no nasty chemicals in sight!

Eco friendly takeaway food containers helping the circular economy.

The circular economy aims to address the challenge of the rapidly growing takeaway sector’s reliance on single use plastic containers, huge amounts of which are being discarded each year. Recycling of this packaging is generally impractical due to food contamination, so most of it ends up in a landfill.

Composting works to degrade biodegradable takeaway food containers as discussed above, but the waste food collection services need to exist. The opportunities exist to divert food waste from landfill, and compostable packaging has a role to play in helping the planet survive the onslaught of single use plastics.

Our mission

Thanks to worldwide media coverage, most of us are now well aware of the problems being caused by plastic pollution in the environment. However, although we’re keen to make the switch to more sustainable options, finding affordable products can be time-consuming and expensive. 

At Single Use Alternatives it is our mission to make choosing, ordering and buying biodegradable fast food packaging as convenient and affordable as possible. Our range has everything you need for serving takeaway food and drinks, or for using at home. Shopping from us is easy, as our website has been designed to be user-friendly, whilst we offer a range of low-cost home delivery options. 

If you’d like to find out more about what we do we’d love to hear from you. To get in touch please email

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