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Non plastic takeaway containers

Single Use Alternatives provide over 400 products made from plants, not oil based plastic, and that includes a great range of non-plastic takeaway containers, which really are sustainable alternatives to single use plastic catering disposables.

Who we are

Single Use Alternatives was founded by Adrian and Neil; two brothers who are passionate about enjoying the outdoors and caring for the environment. Concerned about the impact single use plastics are having upon the environment, we decided to offer a range of cost effective high quality, alternative products.

To find out more about our products simply browse through our website. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you: please complete the enquiry form on our contact page.

It’s important for every business to be aware of their carbon footprint, and what they can do to switch to sustainable alternatives to single use plastics, especially polystyrene. 

The non-plastic containers that we sell are designed to replace the takeaway containers that you might well be using now in your business, with a sustainable alternative. Millions of tonnes of plastic are produced every year, with the vast majority ending up in landfills, incinerated or as plastic pollution in the environment. Many business owners in the catering industry recognise that they need to ditch single use plastics, but finding cost-effective alternatives has been hard; up until now.

Single Use Alternatives buy all products in bulk, which means we can pass on cost savings to our customers. We recognise that lots of small catering businesses don’t have huge storage facilities as well, so you can order in quantities that are viable for you – whether you want 100’s or 1000’s. There’s also our range of cost-effective, convenient delivery options, including next day delivery if required. We aim to make shopping for your non-plastic takeaway containers for your business as simple as possible.

What non-plastic takeaway containers do we stock?

We supply a wide range of compostable or biodegradable takeaway containers – everything from salad bowls, ice cream containers, cold cups, paper bags, pizza boxes, chip scoops, sandwich containers and deli boxes, through to containers for hot takeaway food that won’t leak, and hot drinks. The full list is here

Reasons for your business to choose alternatives to single use plastics

It’s often worth reiterating to your staff and customers the reasons you’ve made the decision to take a step towards plastic free alternatives to single use plastic in your business. Customers need the reassurance that your business is doing it’s bit, and they recognise that by choosing food and beverage packaging that’s made from plants, not plastic, your business is helping to protect the environment by ensuring that carbon is taken out of the atmosphere. 

Not only do plant-based products create fewer greenhouse gases and use less energy during the manufacturing process, they are also returned to the soil through composting, so fossil fuels are kept in the ground. This ‘closes the loop’, and helps to mitigate climate change.

The Single Use Alternatives mission

Whilst we recognise that we’re not going to change the world overnight, we think that by providing a range of sustainable and affordable replacements to the traditional plastic takeaway containers, we can make great steps forward in helping to eliminate single use plastics in the UK.

By organising our products according to their recycling type (compostable or biodegradable), we’re making recycling as easy as possible. Compostable products can be recycled by your local council with food waste in an industrial composting facility (check locally), or in your own compost bin at home (if home compostable). Biodegradable food packaging must be recycled in industrial composting facilities, which is something we’re pushing for more and more as more councils come on board with.

Buying from Single Use Alternatives

Buying, and placing repeat orders for your business with us couldn’t be simpler. Our easy to use ordering platform makes it a simple process, and as there’s no minimum order, you’re not having to take up valuable space in your premises storing containers.

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