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Empty Graze Boxes

A graze box is a fairly new invention brought about by Graze, the company who started a business where customers ordered a snack box online, which got delivered once a week and that kept them going when they needed that little snack. Now Graze have expanded their offerings so you can purchase small handily portioned snack boxes in Boots  and Asda, on the go.

Who we are

Single Use Alternatives was founded by Adrian and Neil; two brothers who are passionate about enjoying the outdoors and caring for the environment. Concerned about the impact single use plastics are having upon the environment, we decided to offer a range of cost effective high quality, alternative products.

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Empty Graze Boxes

When any concept pioneered by a single company becomes popular, there are inevitably alternatives appearing in the market. Graze has lots of competition offering snack subscription boxes now, and here at Single Use Alternatives we saw that this was an ideal opportunity for our customers to be able to offer an environmentally friendly graze box as a take away item. 

Graze still use plastic film in their packaging, and whilst they say they're reducing their plastic use, we still think this isn't as responsible an approach to take. We offer our customers a range of items that can be used as empty graze boxes, ready to be filled with goodies that you can offer to your take away customers.

Our Sandwich Platter boxes for instance, are fully biodegradable and are seriously better for the planet than the boxes from Graze. These are paperboard platters that are made from recyclable board that can be composted. We leave these plain for your own branding.

The sandwich platter window sleeve compliments the platter boxes perfectly, and they make a great eco-friendly alternative to use as empty graze boxes.

Other biodegradable, environmentally friendly food packaging we offer for use as empty graze boxes are from our range of Sushi trays, which presents food in a fantastic way, with a clear lid and solid base, all made from PLA, a renewable material made from plants. We call them sushi trays as they're made for displaying the attractive whirls of sushi to their best effect, but they're equally good at displaying cut fruit, desserts, cheese and nuts: perfect for use as graze boxes.

Why graze boxes?

The company Graze started its business by providing healthy snacks on subscription, posting them in boxes small enough to fit through people's letter boxes. It then progressed into selling the graze boxes in bricks and mortar premises like supermarkets, Boots and WH Smith, as 'impulse purchases'. In a packed market place where most of the impulse purchase snacks on offer are still high in fat and sugar, the healthy option stands out to many consumers, especially as supermarkets have come under pressure to move confectionery from near the tills.

In this atmosphere, customers are open to picking up healthy snacks on impulse, and by providing a truly eco-friendly alternative, we believe we can help smaller retailers to provide their own graze boxes which they can offer.

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