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Are there alternatives to polystyrene food packaging?


The simple answer to this question is yes! Thanks to developments in technology and manufacturing, a wide range of packaging alternatives are now available. Designed to offer environmentally friendly ways to serve and package takeaway food and drinks, our products can help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst also helping the environment.
Single Use Alternatives is a young business, absolutely passionate about making it simple and cost-effective to switch to sustainable alternatives to single use plastics, including polystyrene. It is our aim to offer practical, affordable products, available for convenient delivery direct to your business or home. We don’t set a minimum order value so you’ll be able to order in quantities which are right for you; whether you need 100 eco friendly food trays, or 1000s.

Who we are

Single Use Alternatives was founded by Adrian and Neil; two brothers who are passionate about enjoying the outdoors and caring for the environment. Concerned about the impact single use plastics are having upon the environment, we decided to offer a range of cost effective high quality, alternative products.

To find out more about our products simply browse through our website. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you: please complete the enquiry form on our contact page.

Why do I need to choose alternatives to polystyrene?

Polystyrene packaging has been used for many years to serve and package takeaway or fresh food such as burgers, salads, meat, fish, hot drinks and more. Thanks to its insulating properties, polystyrene foam coffee cups and trays have been essential for takeaway food businesses, food stalls, outside catering, festivals, events businesses and cafes. 

However, when you consider that plastic can take up to 400 years to fully degrade, and that most of the plastic produced still exists in some form, something has to be done. Our website offers over 400 dedicated products made from plants and not oil based polystyrene or plastic, with a wide selection of affordable, practical options for hot and cold food and drinks. Although choosing eco-friendly alternatives to polystyrene might seem like a small step to take, the more of us who take this step, the bigger the end result will be. 

From cups, food trays and cartons, through to burger boxes, deli platters and much more. You’ll find that our products provide durable alternatives to styrofoam, polystyrene and plastic, offering eco-friendly ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. 

A wide range of different types of plastic are now available, including products made from plant based materials and corrugated cardboard, for example. Our dedicated range includes well-known food packaging material manufacturers such as Vegware and Biopac, whilst our products are competitively priced, with discounts of up to 20% on wholesale prices. 

Last and by no means least, to ensure reducing your use of single use plastic disposables is as easy as possible, our website is user-friendly and fully secure, with easy account management and re-ordering available. 

Contact Single Use Alternatives

If you’ve been asking the question ‘are there alternatives to polystyrene and plastic single use disposable catering supplies’, the answer is yes! We have the UK’s most comprehensive website, dedicated to offering sustainable, affordable and practical alternatives. For further information, please get in touch at:


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